I’m sure this topic sounds odd, and maybe a little confusing, considering I run a licensed real estate brokerage in Westchester County

Still, I found myself in situations where this is exactly what I’ve had to do ---- REFUSE TO SELL A HOUSE.

You might be thinking, how in the world can a real estate professional refuse to sell a house to their client?!?

My answer is simple.  It’s because RELATIONSHIPS are more important than TRANSACTIONS.

My goal is to educate everyone I work with. (CLICK HERE to learn more about the home buying process) When my clients are educated about the home buying process, they are comfortable talking about it.  When they are comfortable talking about it, then we have open, trusted conversations and this works in their favor.  

Recently, I was working with Westchester County homebuyers - a wonderful couple who found themselves in a bidding war for a 700k house.  They wanted to put an offer well above the asking price and, most likely, they would’ve won the bid.

In discussing their offer, they repeatedly said they wanted the house but, having spent time with them and having gotten to know them, I could tell something was off. 

After taking the focus off the offer and redirecting it back to them and what their needs were, I found out they felt rushed and pressured.  This is where the RELATIONSHIP is important.

The wife came from a big family, like myself, and she wanted to be close to them.  She was almost willing to pay more than she was comfortable with on a home that she was almost happy with to fulfill this one need.

After more open conversation, it was clear that she was scared about this commitment. 

That is when I had to do something that’s not discussed enough in this field.  I had to make a hard decision to help my clients make the right one. 

I pulled the plug on the deal.

My clients were upset.  They couldn’t understand why I was telling them to back away from this house.  We talked more and, around 30 minutes later, they were happy and relieved.  In fact, they even thanked me.


You need to work with someone you can trust and speak freely with.  Your realtor should be on your side, working in your favor.  They shouldn’t be afraid to advise you to “think about it” and you shouldn’t be afraid to tell them “I’m nervous and this is why.”