Are you struggling with trying to buy a home in 2021? So is everyone! Here at Astor Lane Realty, we educate our buyers before they step foot in a home to ensure they are educated on the entire home buying process. With that said, here are 3 things that you need to make sure are happening to help get your offer accepted.

1) Your realtor is working with your mortgage professional to ensure you are fielding the best possible offer. Knowing how much you can afford and the appropriate loan program will help you compete with other buyers.

2) Your realtor has educated you on the buying process to ensure you understand everything from beginning to end? Just because you bought a house 5 years ago or in another state does not mean you have up to date info on how things operate in our area.

3) Your realtor is communicating with the listing agent to ensure your offers are aligning as much as possible with the seller's goals? Not all realtors will prioritize building rapport with the listing agent. This can often lead to missing out on information that can help you and the seller. If these things are NOT happening then you need to reassess your approach.

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